Welcome to L2PAGAN X50 CRAFT-PVP private Interlude Server!

We’re all about the story here. We want you to be the star of the next adventure in your life with us in L2PAGAN WORLD!


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Exp / Sp: x50

Adena: x20

Drop/Spoil: x15

Seal Stone: x7

Raid Boss: x10

Quest: x3-5


Exp / Sp: x100

Adena: x60

Drop/Spoil: x45

Seal Stone: x21

Raid Boss: x10

Quest: x3-5


Lineage2 Interlude client with Classic/Essence interface.

Unique L2PAGAN ANTI BOT protection.

Full functionality of achievements system, offline store, global teleport, NPC scheme buffer, auction market.

Implemented automatic use of cans of CP / HP and MP (type .menu).

Premium buffs are available when buying premium account.

The price of all three professions is free.

(Shop / Buffer / Teleporter / RaidBoss tracking / Auction / Class manager - ingame commands).

Full information on stats / drop / spoil / resist by Shift + Click on target.


Up to 5 game windows are allowed.

Champion mobs drop Event. medal with 100% chance.

Champion mobs spawn with 2% chance.

Convenient and multifunctional GM Shop with things up to grade B.

Convenient buffer with the ability to save profiles and buffs pets.

Under BUFF 36/6 slots are available, all buffs lasts 2 hours.

Global Gatekeeper quickly takes you to the most popular locations.

The weight and inventory limit is increased significantly.

Rift entrance - minimum 2 characters.

Time of using the command / unstuck - 5 seconds.

L2PAGAN control panel
L2PAGAN control panel
L2PAGAN boss tracker
L2PAGAN boss tracker


No clan penalties.

The maximum number of people in the clan - Retail.

Maximum number of clans in ally - 5.


Sub-Class does not require a quest. The maximum quantity is 3 Sub`s.

Nobless Full quest (reagents are sold in shop) or Caradine letter in GM shop for Orion adenas / Event medals.

Duration of the Olympics: from 18:00 to 24:00 GMT + 2 daily.

Olympiad period is 1 week.


The chance to get a skill from the augument: Тop LS - 20%, High LS - 15%, Mid LS - 10%, NG LS - 5%.

Safe enchanting +4, Max enchant to Weapon +16, armor +16, costume jewelry +16.

Chance: Simple - 60%, Blessed 80%.

In order to level SoulCrystals - you need to take quest as L2OFF.


Respawn Noblesse RB - 6+1 hour.

Normal boss respawn - 24+1 hour.

All Epic bosses will be dead on server start.

All Epic bosses level - retail.

Respawn of epic bosses (alway at fixed time):

AntQueen respawn everyday 20:00+1 GMT+2

Core respawn everyday 21:00+1 GMT+2

Orfen respawn everyday 22:00+1 GMT+2

Zaken respawn 3 days 21:00+1 GMT+2

Frintezza respawn 3 days 20:00+1 GMT+2

Baium respawn 4 days 20:00+1 GMT+2

Antharas respawn 7 days 20:00+1 GMT+2

Valakas respawn 9 days 20:00+1 GMT+2

Use .boss in-game command for more information.

PVP/PK Rank system
PVP/PK Rank system
L2PAGAN Custom boss
L2PAGAN Custom boss