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Exp / Sp: x125

Adena: x25

Drop/Spoil: x50

Seal Stone: x7

Raid Boss: x10

Quest: x3-10


Exp / Sp: x250

Adena: x50

Drop/Spoil: x100

Seal Stone: x21

Raid Boss: x20

Quest: x3-10

Premium teleport/buffs included


Lineage2 Interlude client with Classic interface.

Festival Sweeper for massive dwarf spoil farm.

Unique L2PAGAN ANTI BOT protection.

Full functionality of achievements system, offline store, global teleport, NPC scheme buffer, auction market.

Implemented automatic use of cans of CP / HP and MP (type .menu).

Premium buffs are available when buying premium account.

The price of all three professions is free.

(Shop / Buffer / Teleporter / RaidBoss tracking / Auction / Class manager - ingame commands that can be used out of town).


Up to 5 game windows are allowed.

All mobs drop Event. medal with 10% chance (Event medals can be spent to buy enchants, Life Stones, Nobless quest letters).

Convenient and multifunctional GM Shop with things up to grade B.

Convenient buffer with the ability to save profiles and buff pets.

Under BUFF 36/6 slots are available, all buffs lasts 2 hours.

Global Gatekeeper quickly takes you to the most popular locations.

The weight and inventory limit is increased significantly.

Rift entrance - minimum 2 characters.

Time of using the command / unstuck - 5 seconds.

L2PAGAN control panel
L2PAGAN control panel
L2PAGAN skins
L2PAGAN skins


No clan penalties.

The maximum number of people in the clan - Retail.

Maximum number of clans in ally - 5.


Sub-Class does not require a quest. The maximum quantity is 5 Sub`s.

Nobless Full quest (reagents are sold in shop) or Caradine letter in GM shop for Orion adenas / Event medals.

Duration of the Olympics: from 18:00 to 06:00 UTC + 2 daily.

Olympiad period is 1 week.

Castle Sieges take place every two weeks (Saturday / Sunday 18:00 - 20.00 UTC+2)


The chance to get a skill from the augument: Тop LS - 20%, High LS - 15%, Mid LS - 10%, NG LS - 5%.

Safe enchanting +4, Max enchant to Weapon +16, armor +16, costume jewelry +16.

Chance: Simple - 60%, Blessed 80%.

In order to level SoulCrystals - you need to take quest as L2OFF.


Normal Raid Boss respawn - 5+1 hour.

L2PAGAN Special Bosses respawn - 10+2 hour.

Varka / Ketra Boss respawn 15+1 hour.

All Epic bosses will be dead on server start.

All Epic bosses level - retail.

Respawn of epic bosses (alway at fixed time):

AntQueen respawn everyday 20:00+1 UTC+2

Core respawn everyday 21:00+1 UTC+2

Orfen respawn everyday 22:00+1 UTC+2

Zaken respawn 3 days 21:00+1 UTC+2

Frintezza respawn 3 days 20:00+1 UTC+2

Baium respawn 4 days 20:00+1 UTC+2

Antharas respawn 7 days 20:00+1 UTC+2

Valakas respawn 9 days 20:00+1 UTC+2

Use .boss in-game command for more information.

The main goal of L2PAGAN is to give you an experiance of fast paced Crafting, Raiding and PVP content with our unique features.