Get to know all the important information about our project, some features have been modified to improve the gameplay for all our players. 

If the information you are looking for is not found here, it means it`s RETAIL. You can always consult L2PAGAN staff on our Discord server.


Lineage 2 Interlude - 125x
Automatic registration, Active Anti-Cheat
Time and Timezone: Eastern Europe GMT +2
L2PAGAN is an emulator of the Lineage 2 game. You can get acquainted with the original version of the Lineage 2 game on the official NCSoft servers.


XP/SP x125 (Premium x250)
Adena x15 (Premium x45)
Drop/Spoil x30 (Premium x90)
Seal Stone x3 (Premium x6)
Drop Raid Boss x10 (Premium x20)
Drop Epic Boss x1


Enchant system dificulty Medium (Simple 50%, Blessed 80%)
Safe Enchant +4
Max Enchant Weapons +16
Max Armor +16
Max Jewel +16


Buff Slots 36 + 6
Buff Time 2 hours
Buff Valor Free (Resists are availible with Premium)


Classes Lv. 20, 40, 76 - Free
Skills learning - Automatic
Adena Limit 2,174 KKK (can be exchanged for Gold Bars)
CP/MP/HP can be used automatically
Teleports are free at Global GK (Teleporting to Premium zones availible with Event medals or Premium account)
Epic Bosses zones are Chaotic (Flag). After engaging Raid Boss you get Flagged too.
Augument: NG SKILL: 1% | MID SKILL: 3% | HIGH SKILL: 5% | TOP SKILL: 10%
All Tyrannosaurus have 70% drop chance to drop Top LS 76
Implemented achievements system, offline store, global teleport, NPC scheme buffer, auction market
Shop / Buffer / Teleporter / RaidBoss tracking / Auction / Class manager - ingame commands that can be used out of town
All mobs drop Event. medals with 25% chance (Event medals can be spent to buy enchants, Life Stones, Nobless quest letters)
Rift entrance - minimum 2 characters


No clan penalties
The maximum number of people in the clan - Retail
Maximum number of clans in ally - 5
Reputation, Clan skills, Clan level gain - Retail. Clan upgrade service is sold in GM Shop too.

OLYMPIAD and siege

Olympiad period is 1 week
Duration of the Olympics: from 18:00 to 06:00 GMT + 3 daily
Castle Sieges take place every two weeks (Saturday / Sunday 18:00 - 20.00 UTC+2


D/C/B - Grade equipment can be obtained with adena in GM Shop
A-Grade equipment can be acquired via drop, spoil, craft, quest Fate's Whisper (1st Baium Quest) or buying recipes in GM Shop for Event medals
S-Grade equipment can be acquired via drop, spoil and craft
All consumable items can be purchased from GM Shop
All crafting materials can be purchased from GM Shop but with increased price.

Epic Bosses

All Epic Bosses are Retail level and their respective gems can only be acquired by drop.
Use .boss to know boss status.

Epic Bosses always spawn at fixed time!
There will be no epic boss alive during the opening of our world.


Queen Ant

20:00 + 1 hour


21:00 + 1 hour



22:00 + 1 hour



3 days
21:00 + 1 hour




3 days
20:00 + 1 hour


4 days
20:00 + 1 hour



7 days
20:00 + 1 hour



9 days
20:00 + 1 hour


Custom ORFEN and CORE jewels stats!


retail and custom Raid Bosses

Normal Raid Boss respawn – 5 + 1 hour

L2PAGAN Special Bosses respawn – 10 + 2 hour

L2PAGAN Special Bosses can drop Donate coins, Blessed enchants, Life stones and much more!

Use .boss to know boss status.

L2PAGAN Dark horn bull

Level 80
10 hours + 2 hours random

(Hot Springs region)

L2PAGAN lizzard knight

Level 80
10 hours + 2 hours random

(Gludio region)

l2pagan dragon king

Level 80
10 hours + 2 hours random

(Dion region)

Ketra and Varka Bosses

Ketra's Hero

15 hours + 1 hour random

Ketra's Commander Tayr

15 hours + 1 hour random

Ketra's Chief

15 hours + 1 hour random

Varka's Hero

15 hours + 1 hour random

Varka's Commander Mos

15 hours + 1 hour random

Varka's Chief

15 hours + 1 hour random

dynamic quest rates

The Finest Food x3-10
Heart in Search of Power x3-10
Exploration of Giants Cave x3-9
Supplier of Reagents x2-9
War with Ketra Orcs x2-9
War with Varka Silenos x2-9
Relics of the Old Empire x3-10
Gather The Flames x3-10
Alliance with Ketra Orcs x3-10
Alliance with Varka Silenos x3-10
The Finest Ingredients Pt. 1 x3-10
Halisha's Marks x2-9
Whisper Of Dreams Pt. 1 & 2 x3-10
Legacy of Insolence x2-10
In Search of Fragments of Dimension x3-10
An Ice Merchant's Dream x3-10
Guardians of the Holy Grail x2-10
Seekers of the Holy Grail x2-10
Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe x2-10
Yoke of the Past x2-10
Clean up the Swamp of Screams x2-10
A Powerful Primeval Creature x2-10
Delicious top Choice Meat x2-10
The Zero Hour (Stakato Nest) x2-10